Soulstice Rising

If you have found yourself on this page, then welcome! There is no mistake that you have been guided here. Your guides and angels only want the best for you and for you to know just how loved you are. You are stepping into your ascension; the grandest transformation for the planet and all of humanity of all time.

About thirty years ago, my meditation teacher said, “We will walk amongst angels.” And this is so true, as we are stepping into who we have been all along. We are spiritual masters; we are the earth angels. This is the time to release all limitation and step into the powerful, spiritual beings we in truth are. My spiritual path is designed to help you do that.

Everything in our lifetimes has led us to this moment. Know that we are the angels we have been waiting for. No longer are we bound by old karma, limitations and old programming. We now can step up to be the masters that we are.