Soulstice Rising

Updated in March, 2016

Kara I am 3rd Degree Reiki, have been trained in the method of the Berkeley Psychic Institute (although I don’t consider myself psychic, but intuitive and don’t use their techniques), am an ordained minister with Rose Ministries, and am a certified Path of Grace coach/mentor. I have taught classes in spirituality and have offered emotional healing and now offer Soul Transmissions (communication from one’s Soul) and intuitive energy sessions (by phone for those in the U.S. and Skype for those out of the U.S). I offer spiritual weddings and other sacred ceremonies. I have published two spiritual journals; have written numerous articles on spiritual issues, including sharing my own path in a personal way. I have been writing about Ascension since the mid-nineties. I was also executive director of a bustling spiritual center called Heart Center. I graduated from University of California, Irvine in Human Development and have had a career in social work and counseling.

While I have received training in many modalities, my practice is based on being guided by my Soul/Higher Self. I follow my Guidance 100% at all times. I keep evolving, as we all do.

I was living in Southern California when I was awakened by a deep, audible voice saying, "Go to Idaho!" I listened, quit my job and went to Idaho sight unseen. That was over 30 years ago. Since living in Idaho, I have had visitations by the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light approximately every ten years. The first time was in 1983, in which they taught me in dreamtime and it was then that I began the spiritual center, Heart Center. In 1993, they came again, and I began a spiritual journal, called Coeur, and then more recently, in which I was guided to share connections to the Archangels and Emissaries of Light. I have been told that my one and only Path is to help others step onto and flow on the Path of Ascension. I was advised in 2012 that the torch was passed onto the Blue Beings of Sirius from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light to guide humanity.

I have been a featured speaker at new thought churches including Science of Mind, Unity and others. I have offered spiritual coaching/mentoring for people throughout the world, however, that is on hold for now. I am available to come to your area for workshops and speaking engagements.

KaraI have written and have taught about Ascension, which has been my Path for the last almost twenty help others release the old limited self and step into the mastery of the Soul Self. My practice is called Soulstice Rising, as this directly is related to the time of transformation we are in. We are rising in vibration, activating our new Blueprints, stepping into the Truth of our Souls, and moving into the higher consciousness of Light and Love (it is more multidimensional than just the 5th dimension). It's such an exciting time, especially as we let go of old karma and limitations and step into the beauty and power of who we are meant to be...Love.

The current transformation, generally speaking, is to embrace the energy of the Divine Feminine balanced with the Divine Masculine. That is, to go within for all answers, be still, receptive, receive Guidance and then act. The old way is to act in order to do, save, rescue or get. This is of the old patriarchy. Now it's about Being. I have been strongly connected with Divine Mother for most of my life. My earliest memory was when I was in sixth grade, and She has continued to show up in my life in powerful ways. Archangel Amabael (we know her as Mother Mary and Isis) partners with me daily and especially when I am guiding others to find their own way. Doing Ceremony is a very powerful way of connecting with the Mother, especially during Full and New Moons, Eclipses and Solstices and Equinoxes, as these times are when downloads of Light are released into us most powerfully for our Ascension and to access the energies of Source.

My philosophy/knowing is that everyone is responsible for their own choices and that they are to receive their own answers within. Therefore, meditation is essential, for it is the gateway to the Soul. Guides are partners; neither above nor below oneself. We attract certain ones based on our consciousness. Consciousness is the absolute knowing that we are Divine. Based on how a person feels and knows this, indicates where their consciousness is; consciousness creates all of life. I do not believe in healing, for I know that Wholing is more aligned with our sovereignty. Healing is fixing; wholing is recognizing one’s Wholeness...wholing often is helping a person remove what stands in the way of their consciousness and wholeness.

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