Soulstice Rising

Soul Transmissions

Soul Transmissions are messages from your Soul, channeled and emailed to you in written form. Soul Transmissions are only available through email.

These are not psychic readings, but a communication from your Soul to help you merge more with your Soul; thereby helping you rise in consciousness and vibration in order to live as your true Authentic Self, which makes life so much easier. You will learn of your Home Dimension, how to merge with Soul and what needs to be released as well as integrated to live your highest purpose. You will learn what Soul Essences you integrated with in order to live more fully. Most transmissions are very practical with plenty of guidance. While you may ask questions of your Soul, unless they are aligned with your evolution, they may not be answered. Often these questions include what, where, how, why and who, as these are questions that often originate from separate ego. As we live Soul-guided lives, our separate ego becomes an ascended ego, taking its rightful place as the Soul's expression mentally, emotionally and physically.

It is not necessary to meet in person, as I am not picking up energy from your personality self, but from the Essence of who you are; your Soul.

The purpose of the Soul Transmission is to work with the energy your Soul presents, for it carries your Soul's vibration within the words, and is for the serious ascending master. It does not matter whether you have just begun your Ascension Path or if you've been on it for awhile.
$65 an hour. They usually are between 1 ¼ and 2 hours to channel them.
You are paying for my time; and not for the information.

If you resonate with this, contact Kara: for further information.

Weddings & Ceremonies

Weddings: Together we sit and create a beautiful, sacred and spiritual ceremony. I like to bring ritual to the ceremony and some ideas have been opening up the Sacred Circle, Hand Fasting, Unity Candle, Family Vows (for blended families) and personal vows. I meet with you twice and am available for rehearsal, if needed.
$200-350, depending on involvement

House Blessings, Baptisms, mentoring for new projects and other sacred ceremonies are also available.
Prices vary. Contact Kara for more information.