Soulstice Rising

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Shakaras: The Heart of Terra - 2/16/2012

The hall was buzzing with excitement. The sound of singing, music, laughter and excited conversation greeted me as I approached the Great Temple. I arrived late and almost did not come. There was something that didn’t sit right with me when the invitation came, carried in the beak of Raven. Raven had perched on the large carmean tree in front of my translucent dwelling. I had walked out and stared at Him. We looked at each other intently. He hopped closer to where I stood, and I suppose He knew I was not eager to see what He held in his mouth.

Raven hopped over to my feet and dropped the parchment and then flew off, singing as He disappeared from my view. My gaze turned to the scroll at my feet. It was rolled up and bound by a lavender ribbon.

“It looks innocent enough,” I thought.

“Then why do I feel such foreboding about picking it up and reading the message?” I wondered.

After standing still, staring at the parchment still at my feet, I slowly bent over and picked it up. I brought it inside and set it down on my altar. I laid it near my illuminating candle and the power source crystal gleaming purple light that I use to guide my day. The crystal began to cloud and change color. A slight shiver went through my body, as I knew something big was about to happen.

I sat in front of my altar for a very long time as I watched my entire dwelling fill with a smoky haze. At last I could not hesitate any longer. Slowly I rose and took the parchment from the altar. I held the ribbon bound paper in my hands as I sat back down. Finally, not bearing the suspense or the fog in my home, I slowly untied the ribbon and unfurled the message.

“Your presence is required at the next Triunary Council.”

“Required! What is it this time?! What could be so important as to require me to be there?!” Another shiver went through my body as I recalled the last Triunary Council. I had tried to warn them of the coming doom; of the failed mission, but no one would listen. Although I held the title of Visionary, no one would pay attention to the devastating dreams I’d had about that mission of not so long ago, so why would they want me now; much less listen to what I had to say?

I remembered, with bitterness, the last mission...the one where my own sister had promised the safety of my beloved. She had failed; they all had failed, and I would spend eternity without my twin flame; the one who was bequeathed to me. I had sequestered myself away to my loneliness, my pain and my self-imposed isolation.

But, as my presence was required, I slowly put on my ceremonial robes, my gold medallion, grabbed my crystal, closed my eyes, and in a second appeared at the steps leading to the Crystal Temple. It gleamed under the light of Shakaras’ seven moons.

I slowly walked up the steps, holding my head high, and entered the golden hall. The sounds of gaiety that I had heard outside quickly fell silent. There at the front of the large room was the Council...Maitreya, Lord Sananda, Lord Michael, Commander Ashtar, Isis Monet (Archangel Amabael), the Elohim and all the others, along with Raven. They silently watched me as I walked slowly in to take my seat.

Commander Ashtar continued speaking to the multitude gathered here. He looked at me and asked me to see the place of which they were making plans to migrate.

“I see a brilliant star, and beyond, there is a planet. This planet is blue, and as I look closer, it is quite beautiful with a plentitude of various life forms. It is of the Third Dimension.”

“Yes! That is where we will go, and Demonet, you will go also.”

“NO! I shall not! I shall not leave my Home! NEVER!”

“It is so ordered by Creator. We leave on the morn of the Celestial Tones.”

At this, all rose as the Council left the Great hall.

“Ordered to go!” I thought. “This must be important!” But it did not relieve the fear I felt within my heart. Yet, I knew that Creator would not lead us astray. I sought out Isis Monet, who I knew would tell me why we had to go to this distant solar system. Why were we, of the Twelfth Dimension, called to go to a Third Dimension existence? How would we survive? What would it be like? It felt again like betrayal. I was ordered to go to this place against my will. I never thought Creator would betray me! I could feel the tears in my heart overflow and fill my being till they spilled upon my cheeks.

"Mother, what is the importance of this mission and why must I go? I’ve never been required to go on a mission.”

“Demonet, this is a great seeding and one that will take eons to complete. Those carrying the vibration of Love are required to be on this planet of destiny to increase its vibration so that it may evolve. Without us, it can not. It’s a mission of import, and one to be proud of. You are not a warrior, but you do carry Love. This planet requires this balance.”

“Well, that doesn’t sound so bad, as long as I can still be within my Essence.”

“Demonet, there is danger there. There is a danger of forgetting your Essence.”

“Oh no, I would never forget.”

Isis Monet just smiled as she stroked my hair.

And so it was that we arrived on this beautiful planet, and so it was that I did forget. I only had to be here every 2,000 years, so I would vow to myself each time I returned to Shakaras that whenever I spun a life on Terra I would remember.

I returned to Terra many times, but always within my soul I felt betrayal. Terra was a difficult place to be for me. It was difficult for me to remember the mission, and I carried my two betrayals like a suit of armor. That is, until this life. Finally, a number of us began to remember, and I realized that this would be our last journey to Terra.

The mission was nearly complete, but in order for the full evolution to occur, we all needed to remember who we are. Even into this life I carried the memory of betrayal. It hung heavy upon my heart, but I knew that it must be dissolved for my mission to be complete. This life was the most difficult, as whenever one remembers the truth, one must foster the courage to let illusions pass away and allow the Truth and Purpose to shine through. I had to develop incredible courage and strength to believe that it was not my sister or Creator who brought the curse of betrayal to me, it was me.

This life has been full of betrayal, but I realize that when one is to move beyond an energy, one must face that energy over and over again until the full memory of Essence is remembered and lived day to day, moment to moment. And so it is that I embrace my own perception and creativity of this betrayal energy, realizing I have brought it to me so that I could heal it, and remember the Love that was and is my destiny. In so doing, I will have finally fulfilled my mission and return to my beloved Home in peace and in triumph.