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Archangel Mary Amabael - 2/17/2012

Archangel Amabael: (Mother Mary & other manifestations of Divine Mother; i.e. Isis)
Flower: Rose (it is a spiral)…important, as the spiral figures strongly with Divine Mother
Queen of Angels
Cobalt blue, white & gold
Twin Flame: Archangel Raphael
Healing Temple: Shakaras & Atlantis
Crystals: Rose quartz; Desert Rose…use along with emerald or jade (Raphael’s crystals)
Use the violet flame to merge with the emerald matrix of the heart
Mary means healer
Use the Merkabah…this is the emerald matrix within the heart. Amabael is also the benefactor of the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians are mostly the light beings who are helping us with our ascension. Their place is also called the Seven Sisters. Their central sun, Alcyone, is also the galactic center for us. So, it’s all important. By the way, the Pleiades’ totem animal is Horse…power.

Amabael brings inspirational dreams & peace. She works to help diverse individuality and is known for Rainbow Healing (healing the chakras), coming in on the Rainbow Ray

In the early days of Atlantis, Amabael, the first embodiment of the Mother Ray, served in the Temple of Truth where, as priestess of the Most High God, she tended the emerald fires of the fifth ray.

Serving under the Masters of Truth, Amabael, together with other temple virgins (not virgins according to Christian beliefs), studied the healing arts and submitted to the disciplines required of every soul who desires to magnify the Consciousness of Source.

Working with the laws governing the flow of God's energy from the planes of Spirit to the planes of matter, she learned that all disease, decay, and death are caused by an arresting of the flow of Light at some point in the lower bodies of humanity and that this clogging of energy results from his misuse of the Sacred Fire with its attendant karma.

She learned that the cure for disease is the harmonization of the flow through the Light-centers in the lower bodies, whereas the reversal of the processes of death and decay is effected by the initiation of spirals of the resurrection flame within the chalice of the heart.

Her mentors showed her how, once ignited, these spirals are expanded to include the entire being and consciousness until man becomes a pulsating sphere of white fire, the victor over hell and death, the Incorruptible One.

Thus long ago in the Temple of Truth, where religion and science stood as pillars of Alpha and Omega, Mary experimented with the laws of flow. Remember that flow is about receptivity; so important for ascendance, as ascendance has everything to do with Divine Mother.

Did she then know that in another life she would be chosen to bear the great prophet, Yeshua, who would demonstrate these laws in the changing of the water into wine, the healing of the withered hand, the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, and many other so-called miracles by which he would introduce to the world the supreme methodology of the Sacred Science? She was his teacher.

In all of her incarnations Amabael worked closely with her twin flame, the Archangel Raphael. He remained in heaven (the plane of Spirit) to focus the energies of Alpha while she made her abode on earth (the plane of Matter), there to focus the energies of Omega.

Thus together they fulfilled the law of their God-identity, their Sphere of Being, proving that As Is Above, So Is Below…God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.

With each life opportunity Amabael developed greater concentration upon the I AM Presence.

Her consecration to the immaculate concept of the Son became intensified with each passing day while she perfected her lower bodies as vehicles for her soul's expression of the Holy Spirit. Her face shone with its inner Light and her garments flowed to the rhythm of the Flame.

It was her magnification of the Christ Light and of the Mother Flame that actually sustained the healing focus in the Temple of Truth, and it was through her daily devotions that its emanations were expanded throughout Atlantis.

One with the Cosmic Virgin/Divine Mother, she remained a temple virgin during her entire first embodiment and left a focus and a flame that shall rise again in the New Atlantis to enshrine the fundamentals of healing mastery in the hearts of those who under the aegis of the Law would be the true healers of the world. She was also Isis, by the way.

Meditation with Amabael:

Open your Crown wide and receive the Divine Light; have it fill you and your aura. Surround yourself with roses. Activate your Merkabah.

Breathe into your heart. Be aware of your Emerald Matrix Merkabah in your heart. Bring in the violet flame that enters through your Crown as a spiral. It goes right into your heart and infuses the Emerald Matrix. From the center of the Matrix, the violet flame then goes out in a spiral upward, widening as it ascends to connect with Divine Source. Then, focusing back in the Matrix, send the violet spiral down to connect with the Earth Crystal, it also becomes wider and wider as it moves from your heart. The spirals also connect and fill your chakras with the violet flame, transmuting resistant energy into Divine Light.

Bring Archangel Amabael to come to you. Feel her essence. You may ask her to take you to one of her healing temples on Shakaras or Atlantis. Simply Be with Her.

Stay as long as you’d like…her energy is soft, compassionate, accepting, loving and incredibly healing. Mary means “healer.” She is the ultimate healer.