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Are You Mystical or Spiritual? - 5/5/2012

As we continue into the next phases of Ascension, there is an important question to ask yourself. Are you a mystic or are you spiritual?. Perhaps you consider yourself to be a bit of both.

A few years ago I learned the difference between being mystical and being spiritual. Being spiritual means you are seeking answers to your deepest queries. You are answering your Soul’s prompting to go deeper, making discoveries about the truth of who you are and beginning the journey into the proper alignment with Spirit/Soul. Mysticism is the knowing that indeed you’re in a time of Ascension; that you are Divine, a master, and capable of the most wondrous things.

Over most of the many years that I have journeyed from my Catholic beginnings (about 45 years actually), I have been spiritual; a seeker. I have followed what magical steps shown to me, found teachers, walked away from teachers, struggled, loved and explored the myriad forms of spirituality to find what in truth was right for me.

I have explored Buddhism, Hinduism, Goddess-ism, mystical Christianity, Sufism, Taoism, Native American-ism, Kabbalism, Pleiadian-ism, the New Age and so forth. I have found me in all of Spirit’s many expressions of Essence. I have read books, received training and went on vision quests. This is been a journey of spirituality.

After a while, the word “spirituality” seemed trite to me. It didn’t explain the depth of what I had been feeling and experiencing. I have met people who have said they were “spiritual,” and yet they didn’t seem to fit what I thought spiritual meant. I’ve met people who can talk the talk, but in looking at their lives, I could see they didn’t and don’t walk the talk. And I saw that the pretty and intelligent words certainly didn’t match how they were in the world. And at the same time I realized, and do now, that we are all on a journey. We’re at different places along the Path, and we all go at different speeds.

At some point, there is no longer a seeking, but a knowing…of who you are and what you know as truth. It doesn’t really have anything to do with a particular teacher, religion, or ritual, and yet, it certainly can include these expressions. It really has to do with the heart of the mystic. It is an absolute knowing and acting from that knowing. You don’t have to talk about it; you just are it. This is being.

As you stop seeking and rest within your heart of knowing, you will have stepped into Ascension. What exactly is Ascension? Ascension is an extraordinary shift in consciousness, a quantum leap to a higher, more enlightened state of being. It is stepping into the mastery of who we are, leaving behind a limited version of ourselves.

We have all chosen to be here at this time of Ascension. And as I have discovered in my work with the Archangels and the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, in particular, it is time we step into the knowing of our greatness for the healing/wholing and betterment of all of humanity and Gaia. Ascension is what the Master Jesus spoke of when reminding us that we too will do great things.

In the process of discovering the miracles of every day life, we also are letting go of old lifetimes and concepts that have limited our expression. As we trust that we can be much more in this lifetime, we, at the same time, heal (or make whole) all those areas that keep us small. We are stepping into our new blueprints, connecting with the universal crystalline grid (now anchored onto Earth), and manifesting our dreams. Our dreams are not fantasies, but the Calling that we came to Earth at this time to express.