Soulstice Rising

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The Sacred Rose - 5/30/2013

The Sacred Rose is a gentle, yet powerful tool to release old limiting energies that can be used any time you feel an old emotion like anger, worry, fear, jealousy, anxiety...anything that is not Love. You can use it in several different ways. If you are on the phone with someone who is complaining or being negative, you can place the Sacred Rose between the receiver and your ear. If you are with someone or others who are expressing negatively, like complaining, gossiping or processing, you can create a giant Sacred Rose to absorb the energies above the group. If you are finding that you have a lot of negative thoughts, you can create a Sacred Rose above you to absorb the energy of your thoughts and leave it there till it’s full. I often place a Sacred Rose above my Crown Chakra and leave it there while I am journaling about something that has negative energy in it and then release it afterward. (Journaling is a powerful way to release the old.) There are many creative ways to use the Sacred Rose to keep your vibration high.

You can also use Roses to protect your space. Just visually place them around your aura; replace them often during the day.

 Sacred Rose

In the moment you feel an old emotion; one that is not of Love; close your eyes and create a Rose above your head. The Rose is fully blossomed and has no stem. Notice the color. Then tell the Rose to absorb the negative energies from your body; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, along with cellularly, electrically and from your DNA. You can include all lifetimes; past, present and future. This includes others’ lower energies, resistance to change, fear and so forth. Then just watch the Rose. It will begin to change. When it stops changing, call in Archangel Michael and ask Him to take the Rose out into the Universe and release it and the old energies, transforming them into Universal Love for all to use. Then, ask for you to be filled up with the Golden Source Light, which enters you at your Crown Chakra (the top of your head). This is a very important part of this exercise, for after you release, you create open spaces within you. If you do not replace the old with the New; i.e. Source Divine Love, the old emotions come back and fill those spaces. Do this every time you have negative thoughts or emotions. After you get used to it, it will be easier and quicker, so you can do it any time; any where.