Soulstice Rising

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Star Bright Stradivas - 4/7/2010

I am a star; a bright, twinkling, white piece of God’s creation lit by the sun’s brilliance. As I keep my place in the galaxy I look beyond my solar system to the others of my kind and wonder who they are. Are they like me? Are they large or small? Have they died and what glorious part of the universe are they representing? Are they a piece of a larger world caught up by the gravity of their sun? Are they part of a black hole or some other vortex spinning out of control, but of course held in a particular pattern by the energy that is generated within that field of creation? Do they question their life as I do? Do they know what they are?

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
High above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky.

It came as a dream, that little song, sung by a little voice. I knew that it didn’t come from my time and place and yet I heard it as clear as if I whispered it myself. Only it wasn’t a whisper; it was a kind of tinkling. What was it? Where did it come from? It awakened me from my peacefulness of being; of reflecting the light of creation. I was consumed by the sound, the feel of a song of far far away.

“Oh, Stradivas, you don’t seem to be shining as bright,” Sturdevant called out. “I’m thinking,” Stradivas replied without looking up at the center of his universe, the solar disc. “About what? What good are you if you are not reflecting my light?”
“Well perhaps I’m tired of being a reflector of you.”
“What?!? You must! How will you light the sky for those on the opposite side of me?”
“I suppose that needn’t be my concern,” the little star said, preoccupied with the memory of the sing-song about himself.

Stradivas was consumed with questions about his life and about purpose and he wondered how he came about. Was he a part of the Original Plan? Did he have a purpose other than shining for the sun? Why did he hear the song? Was it a message from beyond his galaxy…or…did it come from his own home, rather than from far away?

So many questions. Stradivas could not be still; he developed curiosity and a striving nature, wanting to go beyond what he’d always known. Little by little, year by year, Stradivas began to lose light as he lost interest in being someone else’s light. However, Stradivas was patient. He knew something was happening, but he didn’t know what, since he’d always done the same thing all of the millions of years he’d been a star.
Sturdevant shocked the dimming star awake, “Stradivas! What is going on?!? You’ve moved!”
“I have?!?, Stradivas was shocked by this news and yet very excited.
“And you’ve grown dimmer. Why, I can hardly see you! Stop it now!”
Stradivas smiled to himself. Something is happening. Without replying to Sturdevant, Stradivas closed his eyes and dreamed. Throughout his dream, the sing-song of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star played in the background.

A little boy standing in the middle of a large patch of green, on a larger blue and green globe, was looking up at the night sky, singing. Twinkle twinkle….and then he made a wish.
“I wish I had my own, my very own little star. I would carry it everywhere I went. I would show it things and talk to it and show my friends and they would be amazed. Yes, I wish for my own star.”

 “Oh my gosh,” exclaimed Stradivas upon awaking, “I think I’ve found my purpose!” With a smile in his heart and on his dimming face, he thought about his dream and his wish for a larger purpose. “I know this will take awhile, so I shall remain patient.” Meanwhile, Stradivas slowly moved out of his solar system and galaxy. He never said good-bye to his starry buddies or to his captor. Somehow, he was moving through space and through time. All the while losing his shine, Stradivas did not worry as he knew that he was safe. It didn’t matter how long it took or what form he became, he had a mission given to him in a dream.

As he hurtled toward his destiny, another dream was given to Stradivas.

A beautiful goddess, or was it a priestess or angel, lighted upon him. She was difficult to see, as she was pure light. The glow was soft and he knew that he was to listen, as this was one of Creator’s closest beings.
“Upon the eclipse of Terra’s moon, you must fall to the blue and white globe.” With this instruction, she became nothing more than wisps of a long ago dream, and again, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” played as she spoke.
“Wait! What is an eclipse and what is Terra and what is a moon?” Stradivas called out.
Only a whisper came and he strained to hear what it said.
“It will all be taken care of; trust as you have.”

Awaking from this instruction, Stradivas looked about him. He was moving faster now and as he strained to look all around, he noticed that in the distance was a bright, bright star, bigger than his own father sun back home. He also noticed that beyond this bright sphere, was something he’d never ever seen before…a beautiful green and blue and white globe. “Oh my, that must be Terra.” As he rushed through the dark spacious void, he remembered his dream’s instructions: “Wait for the moon’s eclipse.” As he rushed closer to Terra he noticed a white orb. It was not nearly as bright as the sun nor as large as the planet. “This must be the moon.” Stradivas did not know what an eclipse was though. Remembering the being’s words about trust, he hovered there beside the moon and above the planet. It was not difficult being suspended here without an orbit to hold him in place for some reason. He liked the floating feeling and was lulled to sleep. Something awoke him. Rather than the gentle glow of the moon, the light became dimmer. A huge shadow was moving across the moon. At first he became frightened. What was happening? As he watched the moon become shrouded in darkness, he knew that this was the eclipse that heralded his final descent.
Excited, he waited as the darkness grew. The moon itself was not becoming dark; it was only the shadow of the earth as the sun shone from the other side of Terra. “How magnificent!”

“It is time,” an inner whisper spoke. As Stradivas began to plunge faster and faster to Terra, not knowing what lie ahead of him, he became hot; glowing white as he plummeted to the beautiful planet. His eyes watered as even the surface of his body became wavy with the speed with which he flew. “Wheeeee!” Stradivas never had so much fun. He was not frightened as the blue and green planet became bigger and bigger through his blurred vision. He put full trust in the dream angel. He let go and as he did, he went faster. He noticed too, through giggles of delight, that he was becoming smaller and smaller as he descended to Terra. Even this did not deter him from his destiny.

As Stradivas whirled faster and faster he observed that he was on fire, and yet that fact did not alarm him. Soon he could not depict the roundness of Terra, but instead saw wondrous sights of things he could never even imagine before. To the human eye, they were forests and mountains and seas and lakes and rivers and all kinds of wildlife. To Stradivas there were so many strange and miraculous forms, he became dizzy with the choices of what to look at next. And there, in the center of his amazing journey, was a young boy looking up at him with hands cupped, as if expecting to catch Stradivas! With eyes squeezed shut, Stradivas felt himself cool and become hard. He darednotlook, because after all, his trust could just go so far! He no longer felt the rushing of wind blowing around his hard round body, and instead felt a warmth and protection. He opened his eyes and could see nothing! “Ohhhh, now I’ve done it! I’ve died!”

Crying, Stradivas suddenly began to see some light. Two bright blue orbs were staring at him and he felt something he had never experienced before. He felt a warm glow that began at the center of his self and he knew all was well. Stradivas felt Love for the first time! The boy had gotten his special wish. And he, too, felt that place inside of him warm, glowing and huge. He very gently held the tiny star up to the sun, where Stradivas sparkled and reflected thousands of tiny rainbows. Stradivas had become a diamond!And yes, with his very own light.