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Honoring the Divine Feminine - 4/7/2010

Did you know that the energy behind ascension is the Divine Feminine? Did you know that Boise has a double vortex that is of the feminine divine, and that her counterpart is on Annapurna in Tibet? Did you also know that there is a large crystal underneath the Boise area that is connected to the Earth Crystal at the core of Gaia? What does that mean for all of us? Feminine energy is the elixir that moves us to be still, to listen to our heart’s guidance, to let go and allow all to BE. Divine Mother asks us to open, surrender and receive. It does not push, nor does it make things happen; it simply is.

Mother Mary, as the Divine Mother, was also Isis. Mary Magdalene also carried the energy of the Great Goddess. And so does every woman and man on earth. Mary/Isis was Jesus’ teacher and what a grand teacher she was. Jesus, and the master teachers of all time, knew and demonstrated the Mother energy. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Yogananda and all the others were aspects of the Divine Feminine. They taught us love, how to manifest, how to have compassion for ourselves and others. They told us to walk in peace; in devotion; that all rested within our heart of hearts. The Ascended Masters and Archangels hold the same Truth that they pass on to us.

Melchizedek’s Priesthood was not for men only; women were the teachers and masters of self-empowerment; of ascension. If you would meditate with St. Germaine, El Morya, Melchizedek, Maitreya or Lord Sananda, they will give you the same is Love. And this comes from Divine Mother; from Source.

We are in a time of shifting from the masculine energy...of control, fear, war-making, power over the weak...into the more powerful Love; that of the Divine Mother. Did you know that it is far more powerful to be still than to rant and rave? Can you breathe into your heart and be in touch with your own Divine Mother; that compassionate, caring, strong and peaceful essence of who you are? Can you let go of any left over need you have to control your life or the life of another, and simply BE?

Honor the Mother within; that Christed Self that you truly are. Man or woman; you are radiant as the Mother’s Light is within you, shining the light in Her gentle, yet powerful way, guiding you to your own mastery.