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The Heaven on Earth Project: Journey into Ascension - 4/7/2010

As we journey into the never-before-experienced Heaven on Earth times, I suppose many wonder what this means for us. As I speak with folks, I am a bit surprised how many have not heard of Ascension. And yet, that is exactly what is going on. There is a large clearing out of old energies as we step into our Mastery. I am sure you have heard of The Secret. The small book that speaks to our creative genius and mastery is all about Ascension. In fact, many books and websites that are emerging speak of Ascension, only they may not use that particular word.

As our Authentic Selves are emerging more powerfully, our egos are trying to cling to the old. The ego is only comfortable in the past. Change produces fear for the ego; it thinks it’s going to die. The old way is very limited and fearful. The new way is about being powerful and creative. We are no longer being held down by old karma and other limitations. Yet, it’s all about choice. If the ego wants to cling to the old, it can. What may happen, however, is pain? Think of a hermit crab. The crab continues to grow, but the shell does not. So the little crab knows that she needs to find a bigger home, and makes the choice to leave the protection of her shell. She is vulnerable till she finds the perfect home that will allow her to grow. This is what we are encouraged to do. We cannot remain in our smallness without feeling the urge to grow into our greatness.

Our egos are transforming. The ego is intended to be the expression of the Soul...of our original, authentic self. The ego is our mental, emotional and physical vehicle for our Soul Self. That is the real intention. Along the way, instead of Soul leading ego, ego became more powerful, while the Soul slipped into the background. Fear was born and we began doing only those things that made us feel safe. Now, through the Ascendance process (which you all signed up for), the Soul is emerging stronger. As this has been happening, the limitations have been emerging in order to be healed (or wholed). Our egos now want in the game.

How do we know what wants to be released? It’s quite simple. What are your issues presently?

Take a moment and write them down.
What are your fears?
What circumstances are limiting you?
What circumstances are not joyful?
Are you ill?

These are the ego clingons that want release. Ego wants to join in the love fest that is promised by Soul! So, once you recognize what wants release, let it go. This can leave you feeling a bit vulnerable, like the hermit crab looking for a new home. Yet, it’s essential for your ascendance…to bring Heaven onto Earth. Letting go is not an easy thing for us. I remember a story Ram Dass used to tell. A woman who was taking a meditation class from him in New York City kept getting mugged. So, Ram Dass had this great idea and arranged for her to leave and live in the Midwest. He gave her a one-way bus ticket, got her a job and a family to live with. He was so excited to tell her about it. When he told her about her new life, she declined fervently! She exclaimed, “I can’t do that! I don’t know what my life would be; at least living here I know what to expect!” This is a great ego-story. We would rather cling to pain, because it’s familiar, than take a chance for happiness, because we’re not sure how it will turn out!

Here are some things that can help…Trust! That is what’s called for. Radical trust that wherever you’re guided is absolutely the right path for your highest expression of Soul. Be in places that bring you joy; be with people who support you; meditate.  

An exercise you can do: when you feel fear or judgment or pain, visualize a rose in full bloom above you. Ask the rose to take from you that energy. Just watch the rose. When it stops changing, ask your Guides to take it from you (Archangel Michael is a great one for this). Fill up with the golden light that is your essence (it fills up those places where you released the old). Remember, stuff that surfaces wants release.

Until next time, know you’re loved beyond imagination and that we all are creating Heaven on Earth. Love is all there is!